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Nine times out of ten, only one of the partners wants a divorce, and it's the same one every time: the stubborn one. Waterver you do, get this book in their hands. This is the bestselling book that started it all. Oprah. Sally Jessy Raphael. DrJudith and her husband Stephen appearing as guest experts on more than 300 talk shows. Authoring over 600 syndicated newspaper columns and magazine articles.
Some people sepnd a lifetime perfecting their golf game. Others stay up night after night strategizing their climb up the corporate ladder. DrJudith and her husband have found a better reason to stay up late, and they share their secrets in this power-packed guide to a love so intense that words will utterly fail you.
Okay. Admit it. You've asked this question more than once. So has every person who has been married long enough to confront the daunting challenge of two... who long to become one. If the embers of your love are flickering, this book is designed to reignite the passion of your marriage.